Volkl 90 Eight Skis - 2017


  • $459.00
  • Save $191.00

An excellent ski that lets you do just about anything except very deep snow. The ski surfs the surface the whole time. You’re never taken by surprise and always ready for any eventuality: you are never stuck in any kind of turn you can switch it easily. It’s not at its best in deep snow compared to the 100 Eight but it nevertheless pilots really well and in angulation even old school style playing vertically.

It’s a light, playful ski which is meg-easy to manipulate and precise (especially carving on piste). In powder it behaves well, the tip manoeuvres quickly and absorbs the bumps and mounds of snow. The structure provides decent cushioning and the tail is tight but responsive. On the piste it bites the edge easily and carves well. You can vary the turning radius and it grips well on ice even if you have to put a little more weight into it.

It deals well with short, skidding turns. The tail has energy and holds well in straight lines. This ski has the new 3D ridge construction, thick down the middle and thin at the edges, and no upper edges. There’s a lovely characteristic sound that comes with this range, especially on hard snow. This is an excellent ski that naturally wins the FIRST award.

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