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Stockli Storm Rider SR 100 Skis - 2015


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It is rare for a ski maker to manufacture more than one model in any given width range. Yet in the case of the Stockli Stormrider 100, it does make sense. The SR 95 and SR 100 for sure fall into the same width category and they have roughly the same construction. The differences lie in small nuances that Stockli is able to instill in these two models that are enough for each to have its own niche.

The SR 100 is built with thinner metal laminates and a slightly lighter core than the SR 95. The result is a ski with slightly softer torsion and slightly lighter weight to go along with a tighter natural sidecut radius.

On snow, the differences are subtle. The SR 95 has more grip and power, while the SR 100 sacrifices a small bit of that. On the other hand, the SR 100 is easier in broken and mixed conditions precisely because the softer torsion allows the ski to release more easily. The SR 95 can and will satisfy the most demanding all mountain expert skier, delivering as much or more grip as anything in this category. We can consider the SR 95 as pretty much the ultimate expert level ski in this width range.

The SR 100 as a ski that delivers almost all of the hard snow grip and damping qualities but does so in a package that is perhaps just a little easier in mixed and broken conditions. 

The SR 100 may be a better fit for someone who wants most of the superb qualities of the SR 95 but in an easier going package. The most aggressive skiers will choose the SR 95 while the more laid back expert might well choose the SR 100.

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