Spark R&D Surge PRO Series Splitboard Bindings - 2021

Spark R&D

  • $575.00

The 2021 Spark R&D Surge PRO Series Splitboard Binding is the lightest, and highest performing splitboard bindings in the world. - made with incredible attention to detail and no compromises. Our PRO binding series was unveiled just over a year ago and the response has been incredible. Made with extreme attention to detail, premium materials, and custom components, these bindings are designed for splitboarders who want the best of the best. They are the culmination of our years in the forefront of splitboard binding technology and manufacturing. You can see our expertise in each component, and the thought put into these bindings in each material and area of design.  You’ll notice the lightweight construction and ease of use on the skin track, and the high quality materials in the performance on the ride down.

Carbon reinforced nylon highbacks: Carbon highbacks are more responsive, lighter, and stiffer than our standard glass reinforced highbacks. Injection molding allows for more complex geometry and improved impact strength compared to other methods of carbon fiber construction.

Hollow Pivot pins: Made with stainless steel and are hollowed out to be 33% lighter than standard pins. 

Full Pebax plastics in Pillow Line straps, ladders, & adjusters: Pebax is a premium material most often found in high-end ski boots as it provides consistent stiffness and improved toughness in cold temperatures. It’s also 20% lighter than our standard material.

7075 aluminum heel loops: 7075 Aluminum heel loops are thinner and lighter than our standard heel loops while maintaining the required strength.

Gram counting: Weight savings add up by replacing stainless steel hardware with custom-made 7075-T6 aluminum hardware. Aluminum parts are 65% lighter than our standard stainless parts. 

Perhaps the most custom splitboard binding specific screws you’ll ever see are our aluminum heel loop screws. The custom screw head shape is optimized with more than double the drive depth of a standard button head screw to avoid stripping. We added an unthreaded shoulder to improve the connection with the heel loop. To top it off, we add a custom loctite patch. If these screws come out, it’s because you take them out.

We re-created these screws and nuts from our standard stainless steel versions: Aluminum forward lean nuts Aluminum forward lean screws Aluminum ankle strap t-nuts We switched these screws to aluminum and also produced them with a hex drive instead of phillips head, which are less likely to strip: Aluminum heel rest screws Aluminum Tesla bracket screws Aluminum ankle strap screws.

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