Rossignol Scan Snowboard - Kids 2022

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There are no impostors on the mountain when your kid is riding the Rossignol Scan Snowboard, created for mini mountain moguls to progress with ease. Their enthusiasm won't fail the bio scanner thanks to a super soft flex and deep sidecut for easy turning and contro, and this true-twin freestyle board makes the accidental switch 180 feel like nothing more than a crossed wire. Don't get thrown out of the airship, get them on the Rossignol Scan Snowboard for all day fun.
  • Effortless Mobility and FloatAmpTek Auto-Turn Rocker provides incredible maneuverability, catch-free feel and instant float
  • Lively Pop, Easy Control - Twin Freestyle flex adds pop and balance for easy freestyle control
  • Playful Freestyle Progression and Forgiveness - Softer symmetrical flex offers easy manipulation and enhanced board control
  • ABS - Offered as walls or built in cores, ABS provides enhanced durability while keeping the core safe from moisture.
  • Amptek Auto Turn Rocker - Our three patented blends of rocker and camber are each tailored to a specific riding style and intensity level. Featuring a softer flex profile from tip to tail, AMPTEK AUTO TURN has an 80/20 rocker/camber blend for effortless turn initiation and an easy, playful ride.