Nordica GPX 130 Ski Boots - 2018

Nordica GPX 130 Ski Boots - 2018


  • $519.00

Nordica's GPX family is all about all-mountain domination, from the mellowest GPX 100 to the slightly rougher GPX 100, neither can match the GPX 130 Men's Ski Boot when it comes to all-mountain power and precision. Even so, you can slip on the 130 and ski hard from bell to bell without spending half the day sitting by the fire making sure your toes haven't actually fallen off. The GPX 130 has, as you might've guessed, a pretty burly 130 flex rating, along with a relatively narrow 98mm last provides a snug, fairly aggressive fit that makes railing corduroy, skipping through bumps, and zipping between trees in high-speed, fun. The Race GP Cork Fit Primaloft heat-moldable liner hugs the contours of your foot for comfort and precision and the Full Shock Eraser bootboard takes the sting out of jumps, hardpack, and bumps so your feet absorb less punishment. Made of PU, the cuff and shell provides a firm and consistent flex in all temperatures.Nordica gridded the shell with its Bootfitter's Best Friend system, which makes it easier for bootfitting experts to punch and grind the shell to your exact specs. While the performance of the boot is awesome, comfort and customization are what sets it apart from similar boots. It has canting and flex adjustments, so you can personalize the fit, and all the hardware attaches by screws instead of rivets, so full customization is faster and easier. GP dual-articulating buckles make opening and closing the boot super simple and the Intuitive Easy Entry instep panel is softer than the rest of the boot, so no tears shed while you're trying to get your chilly boots on in the morning. Nordica also integrated its Full Motion Pivot, which allows increased customization around the ankle, and topped the GPX off with replaceable Extra-Grip soles for easier hiking and smoother parking lot navigation.

  • Last: 98mm
  • LINER: Cork Fit Primaloft
  • STRAP: 60mm Power Driver
  • SHELL MATERIAL: Polyurethane
  • SHELL ENTRY SYSTEM: Intuitive Easy Entry
  • CUFF MATERIAL: Polyurethane
  • ZEPPA MATERIAL: Full Shock Eraser Polyurethane Foam
  • FOOTBED: Precision Fit Primaloft TF
  • FULL SCREWS: Hardware: Screwed
  • FULL MOTION PIVOT: Full Motion Pivot

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