Karakoram Prime Connect Recon + Splitboard Interface Bindings - 2022

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Size:Medium (Men's US 8.5-11)

The Karakoram Prime Connect Recon bindings from Karakoram are specially designed for splitboarding. Through its characteristics, this model ensures you incredible days and performance!  The increased stiffness of the nylon matrix of the sidewalls to make the Recon is our most responsive binding.   Charge big lines, smash pillows and hold on tight— the Recon is not for the faint of heart.


  • Tolerance
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Versatility : on the piste as well as in fresh snow


  • Weight: 845g
  • Power Sidewalls are designed to transfer the power you have to the board
  • The spoiler is lightweight
  • All Connect bindings have an Open frame: minimizes weight and ensures a natural flex
  • This binding provides good freedom of movement
  • Equipped with the Air-Pod strap: offers more comfort
  • Air-Form toe-strap: lighter and designed to slip over your toe
  • Karakoram interface works with the characteristic lever in the heel with which the binding can be detached from the interface
  • Foward Lean of -8° when hiking and a possibility of 0° to 22° when boarding
  • ncluded: Bindings and 1 set of Quiver-Connectors. Split Kit Sold Separately


Compatible with all Prime System bindings, Quiver-Connectors allow you to quickly and effortlessly swap your Karakoram bindings from board to board. Now your split, your park board, your pow stick, your groomer rocket, and anything else in your quiver can enter the world of durable, no-compromise, lightweight Karakoram performance. No turning screws, no fumbling trying to remember your stance, and no wasting time when you want to switch boards.



Active Joining

  • Pre-loaded binding to board connections give instant response. The most responsive connection for snowboards and splitboards.

Dense-Fiber Matrix

Prime Connect Snowboard binding

  • Recon Chassis is our stiffest and most responsive
  • Trussed Sidewall for heel-to-toe stiffness
  • Under foot flex to dampen chatter at the resort

Recon Highbacks

  • Reactive design for an optimized stiffness to weight ratio combined with our special ceramic material
  • Stiff Flex (10 of 10)
  • Dual Ride-Stride Forward Lean adjustment for Splitboarding
  • Flex-Lock compatible for Splitboarding

Full EVA Footbed

Prime Connect Snowboard binding

  • With our new EVA footbed you can ride all day long at the resort and your feet will be happy.

Prime System

  • Quickly attach your Prime bindings to your solid board with Quiver-Connectors or splitboard with the Ride Mode 2.0.  Active joining allows for a loose fit then closing the lever locks your binding to your board, removing all play from the system.

Air-Form Straps

Air-Form Straps

  • Independent Pressure Pods articulate to boot eliminating pressure points and pinch points. 

Open Chassis

  • Open chassis allows board to twist naturally under binding


Active Joining

Ride Mode Interface

  • Pre-loaded binding to board connections give instant response.
  • Active joining allows for a loose fit then closing the lever locks your binding to board, removing all play from the system.

Interlocking Seam Tabs


  • Seam tabs interlock across the seam of your splitboard interlocking and pre-loading the seam.

Snow Ejection Channels


  • Made from a carbon infused nylon, the Ride Mode 2.0 is designed to reduce snow build up and clear snow easily.

Prime Quiver-Connectors

  • Buy more boards, not bindings