Head Kore 103 Skis - Women's 2022

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The Head Kore 103 W for the ladies are designed to be the ideal choice for advanced riders going for touring sessions. The core of these skis is made of poplar, graphene and karuba wood. Karuba lightweight wood is used inside in order to keep the weight low. The poplar wood increases the stability of these skis. Moreover, the graphene added to the construction improves the power-transfer of your skis.

The radius of this ski model can vary between 13.8m and 16.5m depending on the length. For skis with a short radius between 10-14m you get very fast and playful turn initiation. Whereas, with a medium radius between 15-18m, you get versatility with good turn initiation and decent control at high speed.

  • Range of use: 10% on-piste - 90% off-piste
  • These Head all mountain skis with a waist width of 99mm, 101mm, 103mm are ideal for off-piste skiing, but also on the slopes, you can have lots of fun