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Dynafit TLT Radical FT 2 Ski Bindings 105mm - 2019

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The first time you toured in a set of tech bindings you probably thought it couldn't get much better, but the Dynafit TLT Radical FT 2.0 Binding is here to prove, without a doubt, that it can. Not only does the newly redesigned Radical 2.0 maintain the same easy-walking feel as its predecessors, but it now carries with it a well-earned TUV certification, making the Radical 2.0 a safer and more reliable tech binding.

The Radical 2.0 earns its TUV certification through a pivoting toe piece that is able to compensate for lateral impacts and ensure reliable release values that can be set between 5-12 as determined by DIN ISO 13992 standards. The heel is also able to withstand 10mm of forward pressure, giving it the ability to compensate for forward impacts. In addition to the elasticity of the heel and toe, the Radical 2.0 is now equipped with an easy lock brake system, meaning the brake can be engaged or disengaged independently of the heel piece—this means you won't have to worry about losing a ski whenever the binding is in walk mode.

Where the Radical FT separates itself from the ST option is with higher release values, making it the best option for heavier or more aggressive skiers. The freeride design really puts an emphasis on the descent due to the wide toe piece that is able to direct more power to wide, freeride skis. The binding itself is housed in a burly combination of forged aluminum, CrMo steel, stainless steel, and high-strength plastic. The Radical 2.0 FT also features carbon power plates, which are located under the toe and heel and increase torsional rigidity by 12 percent. Another major improvement to the newly re-worked radical is the multi-directional heel piece that can be turned both clockwise or counter clockwise—this means no more having to rotate the binding a full 360-degrees just to switch it from walk to ski mode. The toe is also compatible with Dynafit ski crampons for when conditions demand more bite than mohair can offer.

  • 5-12 release values
  • Pivoting toe piece
  • 10mm forward pressure in the heel
  • Forged aluminum and CrMo steep components
  • Carbon power plates
  • Two position heel elevators
  • Easy lock brake system
  • Crampon compatible
  • TUV certified

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