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ARVA Evo 4 Avalanche Transceiver - 2019


  • $189.00

The EVO story continues with the brand new EVO4. Thanks to a new design, a true-marking function and a new LCD screen, this well-known device is getting an overhaul; it is better and more efficient than ever before. Pulling features from the innovations of the NEO, the new EVO4 display is more intuitive and allows you to quickly identify the number of victims involved in a search. Rounding out the features with a group–check function and the classic “clip for safe” system, this beacon is an affordable no-brainer for snow enthusiasts entering the backcountry.
Know when wearing your beacon it is on and ready; that’s the clip for safe concept. As you put your transceiver on, it automatically starts transmitting––an easy and convenient way to increase everyone’s safety while in the backcountry.

  • Three antennas
  • Average digital search band width of 40 meters
  • Digital LCD screen with arrows and distance values
  • Marking function
  • Multiple buried indication
  • Group check
  • Clip for safe
  • Batteries and holster included

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