Armada STH2 MNC 16 Ski Bindings - 2023

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Armada STH2 MNC 16 Ski Bindings - 2023

115mm / Black

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The 2023  Armada STH2 MNC 16 Ski Bindings cement their reputation with several notable updates to an already winning formula. A redesigned AFD means the STH2s are now MultiNorm Certified and compatible with every boot sole norm on the market - including rubber touring soles. Meanwhile, all new Transfer Switch Technology allows you to choose between two different power transfer modes, fine tuning the amount of vibration damping between the toepiece and ski. The result is a binding that enhances your personal skiing style, and makes those booter-to-ice landings a little more patateable. There are ski bindings, and there are the Armada STH2 MNC 16 Ski Bindings.

Transfer Switch Technology:  Choose between two power transfer modes at the flick of a switch. In PROGRESSIVE position, the toe pedal sits on a rubber pad, providing increased dampening to smooth out terrain and snow feedback. In DIRECT position, the toe pedal sits on hard plastic pieces, providing immediate response and the most direct edge engagement.

  • 3D Driver Toe Multi-directional release and elastic travel. Pivots in multiple directions in order to dampen shocks when landing.
  • XL Wings:  Longer toepiece wings provide superior lateral power transmission, better centering and easier step in in powder.
  • Sliding AFD:  PTFE sliding AFD ensures consistent release even with rubber ISO 9523 (touring) soles
  • Micro Simultaneous Wing Adjustment:  Turn one screw and both wings move at the same time.
  • Manual Toe Height Adjustment
  • Heel Piece: Heel Flex Interface – Guarantees natural ski flex.
  • Freeski Brakes:  Self retracting brakes adapted to modern skis and practices. Eliminates hang ups on switch landings.
  • Multi Norm Certified (MNC):  Compatible with ISO 5355 Alpine, ISO 9523 Touring, WTR (Walk to Ride) and GripWalk Soles. Not compatible with non-ISO 9523 standard touring soles with shortened toe and heel lugs.
  • Oversized Platform:  A super wide (71 mm) platform ensures maximum lateral power transmission, especially on wider skis.
  • Low Profile Chassis:   Low stand height for increased terrain feedback and enhanced power transmission.
  • Elastic Travel:  Superior elastic travel keeps you in when you want, lets you out when needed while ensuring a smoother ride.
  • Progressive Transfer Pads:  Progressive feel with increased dampening and less shock.
  • Steel Housing:  High-impact steel construction that stands up against the wear and tear of park and pipe skiing, or powder sessions.
  • Adjustment Range:  28 mm
  • Height:  18.4 mm
  • Advanced-Expert

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