Armada N L10 Ski Bindings - 2021

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The Armada N L10 90 Ski Binding is built to be the simple answer to the "what bindings should I get" question. They're light, which means your skis will be easier to carry to the mountain but more importantly, they'll be better to ski on because more of your energy will go into your skis. Pair that with an Easy Step-In Design that uses Automatic Wing Adjustment to quickly and effortlessly align your toes every time you step in.

  • Easy Step-In Design means you spend less time getting ready and more time skiing
  • Light Construction lets more of your energy go into skiing
  • Brake Width (mm): 90
  • Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Maximum DIN: 10
  • Automatic Wing Adjustment sets the binding to your boot every time you step in, making for a secure hold you can always count on
  • Compatible with standard Alpine or textured Gripwalk outsoles
  • DIN Range is adjustable from 3 to 10
  • 90mm brake width is designed for skis with waists between 75 and 90mm