Marker Alpinist 12 Touring Ski Bindings - Black/Titanium 2023

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Size:Alpinist 12
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Marker Alpinist 12 Touring Ski Bindings - Black/Titanium 2023

Alpinist 12 / Black/Titanium

Glacier Ski Shop

Pickup available, usually ready in 2 hours

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The 2023 Marker Alpinist 12 Ski Bindings is an ultra-lightweight pin touring ski binding that will change how you travel uphill. The Marker Alpinist 12 is here to make your uphill climb more manageable. Starting early in Big Cottonwood to get a tour in before work, you will want one of these killers on your ski to make the climb fast, so you have plenty of time to lap those freshies before you clock into the 9-5. These come in at just 245 grams without brakes. We highly recommend picking one of these up before they are gone, and you are stuck at home sleeping instead of making fresh turns with your friends.

  • ALPINIST HEEL: Alpinist heel with adjustable lateral release with different DIN options and 15mm of heel adjustment range (+-7,5mm). Offers three walking modes thanks to the hot forged aluminium climbing aid. The "Fast Shift Mode" enables quick shifting between neutral and highest walking mode. The active length compensation in the heel allows consistent power transmission and release performance, even when the ski is flexed."
  • ANTI ICE PADS: Anti Ice Pads in the base of toe and heel (if no brake is installed) to prevent icing in critical areas.
  • CLIMBING AIDS ALPINIST: Neutral walking mode and two climbing aids offering 5Degrees and 9Degrees. The fast shift mode enables quick shifting between 0Degrees and 9Degrees without the need to rotate the heel.
  • ALPINIST BRAKE / LONG TRAVEL BRAKE: Optional brake for MARKER ALPINIST. Improved usability on both brakes.
  • CRAMPON KINGPIN/ALPINIST: Easy to install crampons for KINGPIN and Alpinist available in the sizes 80mm, 90mm, 105mm, 120mm.
  • ACTIVE LENGTH COMPENSATION: Active length compensation in the heel allowing the heel to move back up to 4 mm when the ski is flexed.
  • LENGTH ADJUSTMENT: Alpinist heel offers a 15mm heel adjustment range (from -7.5mm to +7,5 mm).
  • CARBON REINFORCED PIN TOE & ANTI ICE PADS: Carbon fiber reinforced material for improved stiffness and super lightweight. Anti Ice Pads in the base of toe to prevent icing in critical areas.

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