Armada B-Dog Skis - 2022


  • $799.00

Undeniably one of the most unique skiers in the realm of freeskiing, Phil Casabon demands something a bit different than most out of his ski of choice- The 2022 Armada BDog. This ski is designed to make butters and presses extremely easy. First and foremost, the ski has a very soft flex which allows the ski to bend very easily without having to put a lot of effort into it. Armada has also designed this ski's sidecut with straighter, flatter sections out towards the tip and the tail to reduce the ski's tendency to feel "hooky" and to maximize the surface area of that portion of that ski when buttering and pressing through the park. With the soft flex comes a lot of rebound as well, which makes ollies really easy and gives the ski a lot of life and pop which is a great attribute for getting on to high rails or getting a bit of extra loft off of jumps. The BDog features Armada's 2.5 Impact Edge which helps with longevity when slamming into rails and stomping big tricks. It would be difficult to find a more playful ski than the BDog from Armada. If you're a park skier, this is definitely one to consider especially if you enjoy utilizing the flex of your ski to your advantage.


  • Sidecut: 121/94/116.4 mm at 180 centimeter length
  • Turn Radius: 15 meters at 180 centimeter length
  • AR75 Sidewall
  • Poplar Ash Wood Core
  • AR Freestyle Rocker
  • S7 Base
  • 2.5 Impact Edge
  • Laminate Matrix
  • Ability Level: Advanced to Expert Skiers

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