Lib Tech Yewps Skis 2022

Lib Tech

  • €527,95

Lucas Wachs’ fat and flats for the steeps and deeps. Lucas wanted a ski that would let him push his pure pow freestyle game to the next level of fun and radical. A ski that would excel on sled missions and still rip the resort on the best days of the year. 118 under foot with a flat contour and big floaty nose, YEWPs carry speed through low angle, stomp landings in the ultra deep in both directions and are absolutely at home when it’s time to film the ender line Lucas has been dreaming about.

ART BY: Ryan Schmies (@schmies_design)
Legendary ski artist Schmies and Lucas teamed up on this magical blue snow ghosted night visitation. They are here... the stars will talk if you take the time to listen to the whisper.



Lib-Tech Yewps Specs: 

Length (cm) Radius
Length (m)
Width (mm)
Width (mm)
Width (mm)
10 = Firm
Single Ski (g)
175cm 20 142 118 132 7.5
185cm 21 144 118 134 8

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