"A combination of the highest levels of modern ski technique with the reverence for the rich history of the great sport of skiing."

John and Drew Adams, founders and owners of Glacier Ski Shop, are lifelong skiers and second generation ski shop owners. Descendants of German beer brewers of the California gold rush, the brothers grew up on skis at their parents ski shop at Northstar near Lake Tahoe. After establishing Lopez Kayaks in 1994, a sea kayak shop and outfitter on Lopez Island, they turned their attention back to the ski business. In 1999 they rented a small space in Gary Graham’s legendary Graham’s Restaurant in Glacier, Washington and established Glacier Ski Shop. Three years later in 2002 they built a log cabin from the ground up as a ski shop.

Locally Owned Since 1999

The Berkeley born older brother, John is an Alpine, Telemark and Snowboard expert. On Nordic and Alpine skis at four years old, John raced Alpine and played football through high school and eventually became a ski school director. He credits the early cross-pollenization of racing and cross country skiing for his skill as telemark skier. John prefers the wide ski with three pins for ultimate powder riding.

The younger brother Drew got started on skis even younger than John. The engineering graduate of Chico State agrees that the early exposure to Nordic and Alpine are the main key to smooth powerful skiing. He spent time in Marin as a mountain bike bum, in San Diego as a surf bum and in Tahoe as a ski bum. He is the shop’s most diverse skier, dual carving the boilerplate with a World Cup package, or schussing the beautiful powder snow with leathers and pattern base.

The Adams brothers combine the highest levels of modern ski technique with a reverence for the rich history of the great sport of skiing. One trip into Glacier Ski Shop makes this abundantly clear.

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