Dalbello Veloce 85 GW Ski Boots - Women's - 2023

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Size:8.5 Women's U.S. / 25.5 Mondo
Color:Black/ Opal Green
    The 2023 Dalbello Veloce 85 GW Womens Ski Boots have everything you need to go fast, and everything you want to enjoy doing it. The Traditional Overlap Construction makes for an efficient and supportive boot, and comfort is introduced by the Contour 5 Shaping. Contour 5 also allows your bootfitter greater flexibility in customizing fit, and together with the Veloce Sport Liner the result is a boot that will truly feel like it’s made for you. Oh, and did we mention there was Primaloft built into the liner offering reliable warmth so you stay warm even on the coldest days.
    • Drive & Control technology offers more volume in the toe box and a precise wrapping heel zone. While the comfortable toe-box volume offers better fit, better blood circulation and - as a result - warm feet and toes, the wrapping heel zone stands for more control, direct power transmission and more sensitiveness.
    • Variable Ramp to adjust the forward lean to your individual requirements.
    • The super light bootboard offers great power transmission to the ski while keeping the boot thermo insulated.
    • Incline can be adjusted with canting plates
    • The locked cuff feature boosts rear support and minimizes rear cuff flex. Skiers find the boot is for more responsive, more powerful, and more precise.
    • The pivot points allow proper flexion of the ankle, a smoother forward flex and a more natural stance. By adjusting the excentric canting screws, bootfitters/skiers can customize the best setup for every skier.
    • 3D GRIP TEXTURE adds material right at the spot where it is needed to stiffen the the lower shell for an improved power transmission from boot to ski. In addition, the structure avoids scratches and improves the overall durability.
    • Full toe box construction
    • Ultralon extra support for the tongue

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