Lange RX 110 L.V. Ski Boots - Women's 2019


  • $439.00

The 2019 Lange RX 110 boot is totally redesigned, a result of Lange's deep understanding of foot mechanics, fit, and ski boot behavior. The brand has created a new Dual Core shell by injecting two different types of plastic into the mold at the exact same time. They've injected hard plastic into the areas of the boot that transmit power to the ski, and softer plastic into areas that wrap the foot and the lower leg, creating sandwich construction that allows for elastic and absorption characteristics never achieved before.

This boot also features Lange's new Dual 3D Liner, which has an internal design that perfectly wraps the foot and lower leg for the most comfortable fit, and an external design that that matches the inner shell for the most precise and accurate power transmission. The new and redesigned shell and liner construction of the Lange RX 110 LV boot allow for incredible rebound and flex control, while also being so comfortable that the boot feels like a natural extension of your leg to deliver unparalleled precision and power. The boot has a 100mm last, 110 flex, and a 35mm power strap.

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