Head Edge LYT 7 R Ski Boots - Women's 2021


  • $298.00

The Head Edge LYT 7 Women's boot allow you to progress with comfort and ease from one learning step to the next. These are designed with the advanced beginner in mind. The boot design fits the calf wonderfully and features an entry that's almost as easy as a walk in the park. To keep your feet at operating temperature, the Edge LYT 70 is lined with cozy fleece. Allow this power efficient design to ride with you as you master the mountain.

With its 75 flex and 102mm shoe volume, it will offer the ideal compromise between comfort and performance. Very light, it will reduce fatigue to enjoy the slopes longer. With a good energy transmission and good support, you will be able to ski with precision and dynamism for the seasoned among you. On the practical side, it will be very easy to put on and take off your ski boots thanks to its Easy Entry Shell system coupled with Hi-Top Tech technology. This technology has even been developed to put them on.

  • Flex : 75
  • Boot volume: 102 mm (26.5)
  • Velcro Strap 30 mm
  • Easy Entry Shell + Hi-Top Tech
  • Simple Canting
  • Women's R Comfort Slipper
  • 4 alloy hooks with micro-adjustable settings
  • Sanitized insole

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