Head Kore 1 Ski Boots - 2020


  • $389.00


You might mistake the Head Men's Kore 1 Ski Boot for an aggressive freeride boot built for resort only, but it's actually designed for being outabounds which makes it all the better. Its 130 flex might be the stiffest selection out there, but its walk mode allows a 45° range of motion so you can tour the backcountry with ease. The walk mode's ratchet is so secure that a resort rider wouldn't know the difference between a resort-specific boot and this boot.

Not only is this boot seriously stiff for downhill riding and easily convenient for touring the backcountry, but the Kore 1 is also surprisingly comfortable for all-day backcountry touring. Unlike most boots, the Kore 1 comes in variable lasts that change depending on the size of the boot. The larger boots have wider lasts, and the smaller ones have slimmer lasts, which makes sense when you think about it. Not only are the sizes appropriate, but the liner is thermo-moldable to customize your foot's shape so you can ride all day if the snow's that good. The bottom of the boot features a Grip Walk rubber sole for traction when you're boot-packing, and there are tech inserts for backcountry bindings.

  • Backcountry ready boot for aggressive riders to use everyday
  • 130 flex offers power response and energy transfer for charging
  • Last corresponds to boot size to create a snug and slop free fit
  • 3D Custom Hike liner molds to your foot for a reliable fit
  • 4 Superleggera buckles lock your foot in place to boost control
  • 50° of walk mode encourages natural strides during long tours
  • HP frame footbed minimizes vibrations and reduces fatigue
  • Head soles grip boot packs and parking lots to keep you upright

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