Marker Alpinist 9 Alpine Touring Bindings - 2020


  • $269.00


The Alpinists bindings are Marker's lightest insert bindings and the Alpinist 9 stays unchanged for 2020. The Alpinists have gained a loyal following since they are light, laterally stiff and easy to use.   The Alpinists have an interesting minimalist design and competitive price.

Available with a choice of 3 DIN settings, the Alpinist weighs only 245 g / ski.
With a relatively wide hole 38 mm hole drill pattern the Alpinist has sufficiently wide footprint for good power transfer and we'd reommend these bindings for skis up to 115 mm at the waist.
The toe-piece has a carbon-reinforced baseplate, anti-ice pads while elastomer "towers" make step-in easier.
To provide reliable release and control, the heel unit contains a small recoil spring for active length compensation.

The Alpinist heel unit has climbing aids with a choice of 0°, 5° and 9° angle for comfortable climbing.
On the ascent changing between climbing modes is easy and the three climbing heel positions are well designed, with a choice of flat, a low "race" position with a 5° ramp which covers the inserts without turning the heel unit, while turning the heel unit gives the  3rd high position with 9° ramp.
In use the “race” position will be used most and the simplicity of using this without having to turn the heel unit is well thought out.
Switching between hike and ride mode is simple and easy. 
If you’ll be using ski brakes then swapping between ski and walk modes takes a little longer but is still OK.
Moving from walk to ski mode is achieved by pulling the lever at the back of the heel unit to deploy the ski brakes.
You do need to remove boots from the bindings to easily swap between modes but in practice this is not an issue -  most skiers will be doing this anyway to remove or add skins.

Ski crampons are available four widths, 80, 90, 105 and 120 mm.
Attaching them to the skis is easy, using the same attachment method as the industry standard Dynafit crampons, sliding into the crampon slot from the side.

The Alpinist bindings are available with three different DIN settings.
The Alpinist 9 has an adjustable lateral release of 4-9 DIN while the vertical release is fixed at 8 DIN by the use of lightweight "U" springs, as used on most race bindings.
Should you require weaker or stronger release then "U" springs with 6 DIN or 10 DIN are available as accessories.
These "U" springs do wear faster than independent pins as used on the Dynafit Speed and Plum Guide models, so should be checked from time to time for wear.

Marker Alpinist 9
Lateral release 4-9 DIN, frontal release 8 DIN.
Ski brakes: Optional
Heel Unit Boot Length Adjustment: 15 mm (+7.5 mm/-7.5 mm)

The Alpinist 9 is an interesting lightweight "efficient" touring binding that has gained a loyal following  over the last two winters.

Integrated elastomers serve as visual aid and allow easy stepping in.
Anti-ice pads prevent icing of toe and heel

Hiking Uphill
Ultra light construction for efficient climbing. Only 245 g / ski.
Easy to use climbing aid (0° / 5° / 9°)
0° walking mode for long, slightly elevated ascents
Climbing lifts are easy to use and quick to change accoring to slope angle
Easy mounting of the crampon, available in 4 widths

Perfect power transfer thanks to a 38 mm drill pattern
Maximum stiffness due to carbon-reinforced toe components
Length compensation of the ski flex
Adjustable horizontal release with 4-9 DIN
Fast and simple switching between hike and ride mode.

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